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Oleg :22 14:22 22.04.2009

ahhhhh !!! Cool service and great prices! Well done guys! As I will certainly use your services in Chernivtsi!

Eugene ¦ 17:24 03.07.2009

You are certainly great fellows – you know how to give joy. It is very nice that there are people in the world who do not forget about the beautiful !!!!!!

Oksana ¦ 09:29 25.08.2009

A very good idea 🙂 Many have seen this on television …. but what is in Chernivtsi – did not guess 🙂 It will be necessary to try somehow !!!!!

Slavic ¦ 21:57 15.11.2009

Very surprised by the service, the prices are reasonable, cheap delivery and no need for a 100% prepayment

Natalie Deutsch ¦ 23:03 01.12.2009

sir project manager, and the photo with the basket is fun))) well done

Sanko ¦ 11:53 05.12.2009

Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. 🙂

Sanko ¦ 11:53 05.12.2009

Thank you very much. You helped me a lot. 🙂

tanya two ears :08 17:08 11.12.2009

dragonfly !!! I love you very much

tanya two ears :08 17:08 11.12.2009

dragonfly !!! I love you very much

vasya ¦ 19:29 23.12.2009

Cho so cheap?

Bear ¦ 03:15 10.02.2010

Well, first of all, very nice staff will do everything for your happiness. Well, the gifts themselves just do not have the words all impeccably constant Clien Bear

Vladimir ¦ 13:46 21.08.2010

Thank you very much. Service, prices are reasonable, cheap shipping. I’ll order again.OK

Andrew ¦ 21:31 07.03.2012

What is a normal service if you cannot pay with a credit card?

Anastasia ¦ 23:36 12.08.2016

Hello, Igor! Thank you very much, everything went great 🙂 We are pleased with the cooperation!

Eugene ¦ 11:52 23.08.2016

People like you help save relationships when we are practically 1000km away. thanks

Lilia :54 11:54 23.08.2016

Thank you too! Delivered everything in time. The girlfriend was pleasantly surprised and very pleased! Asked for your contacts. We will advertise you to others.))

Lilia :55 11:55 23.08.2016

Yes, thank you very much for dressing up accordingly. )) noted it all. Thank you!))

Vanya 11.10.2016 ¦ 19:33 11.10.2016

Thank you very much, you are a really good company to everyone and I recommend the girl too

Ярина ¦ 11:37 18.10.2016

Thank you very much! The bouquet is wonderful!

Oksana ¦ 13:20 18.10.2016

Thanks for the photo! Very good bouquet turned out!

Budam Timas ¦ 13:21 18.10.2016

Thanks! Everything went great

Vanya ¦ 21:44 20.11.2016

everything went super !! you wizards !! I recommend you all will not regret !!!

Andrew ¦ 07:54 10.12.2016

Thank you “Darunku” and personally Igor for your help in greeting the girl! Nice to work with, I recommend!

Glory ¦ 15:13 14.02.2017

All the super flowers are very pretty

Igor ¦ 22:22 18.02.2017

Thank you for your work well done. In the future I will place an order for you)

Oleg ¦ 22:24 18.02.Two thousand seventeen

Roses are really beautiful – bouquet liked me and Panne (thanks again!).

Galina ¦ 12:21 26.02.2017

Sincerely-sincerely thank you! It’s simple – super! All your wealth and prosperity!

Igor Kappa ¦ 07:31 02.03.2017

That is what is really uplifting😇 thank You again, for giving the opportunity to create such moments, when I’m away from a loved one☺

Dmitry ¦ 09:49 09.04.2017


Andrew Kosovich ¦ 11:05 21.04.2017

Super thanks) Worked very professionally

Irina Kazimirsky ¦ 09:36 22.04.2017

Thank you for the good work!

Moskaliuk Tatiana ¦ 11:58 26.04.2017

The baby loved it!!!! Thanks again!!! You are a magician!!!)

Irina ¦ 00:34 04.05.2017

Very beautiful bouquet thank you ,Kuma delighted

Nello Formicola ¦ 07:47 05.05.2017

Really nice. Good job 😊

Vitaly ¦ 19:02 22.05.2017

uauuuuu very cool)) thank you 😊 all super!) I will recommend you to friends)

Mar”Jan ¦ 23:41 26.05.2017

And thank You for your excellent work! Mendonca very happy, and I, too))) I Will be ordering more))

Pavel ¦ 11:43 09.06.2017

Thank you. Was very sprovedene. If necessary, I will sweetthis to you. It was a pleasure to deal with

Alexander ¦ 23:53 20.06.2017

Thank you, Igor, for the wonderful flowers and wonderful photos! Good Luck To You!

ufl ¦ 23:56 20.10.2017

thanks for the great work))

Kristina ¦ 19:56 26.10.2017

Thank You very much for the delivery and help with the choice! You get the opportunity, I will recommend you to friends! Prosperity😸

Victoria ¦ 12:22 02.11.2017

Thank You so much! The girl in a pleasant shock and very happy! This is what we wanted to achieve 🙂

Tina ¦ 15:51 04.11.2017

I am very glad that appealed to you!!)) If I’m with a good friend of mine lives in Th))) purpose:to congratulate him on his birthday!)) thanks Igor that helped me to do it for Maxim.short time and very positive)))thank you ,I will only refer to you)

Paul ¦ 18:17 05.11.2017

Igor, thank You very much for the holiday mood!!!

ufl ¦ 13:02 08.11.2017


¦ 13:33 09.11.2017

A huge thank you for the prompt delivery and competent Manager given that the order was made virtually overnight. All at a very decent level.

Catherine ¦ 14:53 17.11.2017

I’m in a pleasant shock.Service at the Highest level.Very pleasant,courteous Manager.I sincerely thank you for speed of delivery.A bouquet of balls is just unbeatable.Prosperity to You and wealthy buyers.Thank you for making life and holidays brighter.RECOMMEND!

Natalia ¦ 14:45 06.12.2017

You can’t even imagine it was an unexpected, pleasant moment for mom! Thank You, from the heart! May You be surrounded with joy!😍😻💋👌

Alessandra ¦ 22:28 21.01.2018

Commodity (chamomile chrysanthemums and composition with candy bars and bear) CLASS! Thank you for your good service Now I will always contact you !!!

AS ¦ 20:52 01.02.2018

thank you for the professional approach, fast and high quality order fulfillment, as well as for good communication and understanding of the manager) surprise happened) good luck

Michael ¦ 21:50 02.04.2018

All great, I will gladly use your services on occasion)

Svetlana ¦ 17:49 24.09.2018

Thank you very much for the prompt and quality service of the order, the recommendations of the manager, as well as the trust.

Dmitry ¦ 17:37 14.11.2018

Thank you, everything went great !!!

She ¦ 14:55 24.11.2018

Igor, thank you very much for wanting to help and understanding! Although it was not possible to use your services, it was a pleasure to “meet” such an open and kind person. Good luck to you and all the best! 🙂