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Public agreement

Welcome to the website of the Darunok company (, an Internet resource that guarantees the best quality of service and optimal delivery conditions.

The website of the company “Darunok” (, hereinafter – the “Site” is a private resource and is managed in accordance with the policy determined by the owners.
This public offer is an official offer.
Darunok company (, hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor” in relation to the provision by the contractor of the service for the sale and delivery of flowers and gifts.

1. Definitions and terms:

1.1. Buyer – any person (individual, legal, individual entrepreneur) who intends to order or place an order.
1.2. Online store, Website – the result of intellectual activity, which is a composite work located in the information and telecommunications network Internet under a specific network address (domain name) and includes computer programs (software) that provide its technical functioning, graphic solution ( design), content posted on it, including, but not limited to, textual information, photographic images, pictures, videos and other intellectual results Flax activity. The Site in the text of this Agreement means the Site located on the Internet under the domain name (address) –
1.3. Order – a duly executed application for the delivery of flowers or gifts. Each order has a unique number.
1.4. Confirmed order – an order for which the buyer transferred funds to the contractor in one of the possible ways described in the “How to pay” section, and received a response from the managers of the online store that the order can be delivered on time.
1.5. Offer acceptance – full and unconditional acceptance of the offer by the buyer by placing an order on the website
1.6. Recipient – persons specified by the buyer and receiving the order.
1.7. Flower arrangement – flowers, flower arrangements, flower baskets presented on the website
1.8. Services, Service for the delivery of flower arrangements – the Contractor’s services for the delivery of bouquets, on the terms and conditions in accordance with this Public Offer.
1.9. Public Offer Agreement – a contract for the provision of services between the Buyer and the Contractor in respect of a particular bouquet or flower arrangement, which is concluded by the Acceptance of the Offer. Flower arrangement or bouquet, in relation to which the Offer Agreement has been drawn up, become an integral part of this Offer Agreement.

2. Subject of the offer:

2.1.The seller undertakes to deliver the Order to the Recipient after receipt of payment of the order and confirmation of the order, under the terms of this Offer Agreement.

3. Terms of Service:

3.1. The prerequisite for the provision of the Offer Services by the Contractor is considered to be the consent, compliance and application to the parties to the Offer Agreement of the requirements, as well as the conditions determined by the Contractor.
3.2. An order is considered confirmed only after the payment is fixed by the contractor and the customer is notified about it.
3.3. The cost of the order is determined from the cost of bouquets on the site and the cost of delivery of the bouquet in the selected region. In the case of delivery to remote areas, shipping costs may vary.

3.4. Quality guarantee of flowers from the artist:
3.4.1 Bouquets or compositions that the Buyer selected in our catalog will be made by florists as similar as possible to the photos from the site. But we want to draw attention to the fact that all bouquets and compositions are hand-made by florists, so a slight deviation in shape from the photo presented on the site is possible. But we guarantee that the bouquet will be made exactly according to the composition prescribed in the section – composition — in the product card.
3.4.2 If, however, the required colors are not available, which happens very rarely, our manager contacts the Buyer by phone specified in the application and offers options for replacing colors. In the event that we are unable to contact the Buyer by phone and e-mail, our florist draws up a bouquet with the replacement of the missing flowers for their equivalent quality and cost. At the same time, your chosen color scheme is fully preserved. This allows us to deliver a bouquet without delay.
3.4.3. The company “Bouquet take” does not sell alcohol. The company “Bouquet take” provides courier services for the purchase of alcoholic beverages in specialized stores and their delivery to the recipient, along with bouquets and fruit baskets.
3.4.4. The range of additional gifts has some differences from those indicated on the site, in connection with which similar goods will be selected for your bouquet that will have the same quality and cost (for example, soft toys).

3.5. Delivery Terms:
3.5.1. The order is delivered on the day of the order if there are flowers and provided that the order is placed and paid before 18:00 at the local time of the Recipient.
3.5.2. Delivery time is recommended, and the contractor makes every effort to deliver flowers at the time specified by the customer.
3.5.3. If it is impossible to deliver flowers on the specified date and time, the Contractor is obliged to notify the Customer.
3.5.4.If the recipient of the bouquet is not in place at the time indicated in the order, the courier expects the recipient 15 minutes. After this, the courier has the right to take the bouquet to the salon, and the customer must pay the return delivery.
3.5.5. When delivering flowers to a hotel, hotel, recreation center – delivery can be carried out only to the reception or security point. The courier is obliged to transmit information about the recipient: Surname and Name. is not responsible for the delivery of the bouquet to the recipient.
3.5.6. As for the delivery time, I want to note that our company treats its customers with care, and therefore we always take into account their wishes, which they express when placing an order, including regarding delivery time. But we emphasize: delivery time is desired, which means that we will make every effort to fulfill the order at the specified time, but we can not guarantee that the bouquet will be delivered at the specified time.
3.5.7. Work on holidays: March 8, February 14, Mother’s Day, December 31. We do not deliver flowers by the indicated time, which is associated with a large number of applications. On holidays and pre-holidays, we deliver within a day after a preliminary call to the recipient.

3.6. Flower delivery:
3.6.1 Regarding the address to be indicated in the application, we can inform the following, if the recipient is not at the specified address at the appointed time, our employees will contact you and offer you a choice of several ways out of the situation:
1. The bouquet may be left with neighbors or relatives with a request to transfer it to the recipient. At the same time, we record their contact details in the delivery form, after which it is considered completed.
2. The courier returns the flowers to the salon, where they will be placed in a special refrigerator until you specify the address at which the recipient may currently be. Re-delivery is paid extra. Repeated delivery can be carried out only within 24 hours after the first delivery, not later.

3.7. Anonymous order:
3.7.1. If the “Incognito” function was selected when placing the order, and the Recipient categorically refuses to accept the bouquet that was delivered to us by our couriers, we call up the Buyer and specify what we should do to correct the situation.
3.7.2. If the Buyer couldn’t get through, we return the bouquet to the salon and place it in the refrigerator. And already from the salon we are trying to reach the Buyer. The buyer has the right to pick up an already made bouquet from the salon during the day.
3.7.3.If the Contractor could not reach the Buyer or the Customer within 24 hours and they did not respond to emails, in this case the order is considered to be fully executed.

3.8. Delivery report:
3.8.1 The Contractor sends a report on the delivery of the bouquet to the Buyer’s contact phone number in the form of an SMS text message or to the email address specified when placing the Order. A message is sent after the courier delivers the bouquet to the recipient.
3.8.2. At the same time, keep in mind that during flower delivery on holidays, a report on the implementation of the order may be delayed due to the heavy workload of couriers.

4. Obligations of the contractor:

The Contractor undertakes:
4.1. Provide the Buyer with the Service for the delivery of floral arrangements in accordance with the terms of the Offer and the Offer Agreement.
4.2. At the request of the Buyer, for a specified period, suspend the execution of the Order if at least 1 working day is left before its completion.
4.3. The Contractor undertakes not to provide the Buyer’s data specified when placing the Order on the website to persons not related to the execution of the Order

5. Obligations of the buyer:

The buyer agrees:
5.1. Reliably fill in all fields of the Order form.
5.2. Comply with the requirements and norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.
5.3. Place an order through the appropriate section on the Contractor’s website on the Internet.
5.4. Pay for the Service to the Contractor under the Offer Agreement.

6. Payment for flowers delivery:

6.1. Payment for an order for flower delivery is made to Buyers before the deadline for Acceptance. Buyer can pay for flowers delivery in any convenient way.
6.2. An order for flower delivery is paid by the Buyer in the amount of 100 (One Hundred)% of the advance payment. The price of the flower delivery order includes all fees, taxes, etc.
6.3. Payment of the Order through online payment is carried out at the details of the Contractor.
6.4. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that card payments from abroad can be sent for verification by the bank’s security service. Such a check takes from 1 hour to 3 business days, but this happens extremely rarely. In these cases, our specialist will contact you and explain the situation.