Скринька з сюрпризом
A small box is with a surprise

A small box is with a surprise



A small box is with a surprise

Category: flowers are with sweetnesses

Filter: bush roses, sweetnesses, makaron (makaruni)

Composition: a small box 28 see of kh 19 see of kh 9 see, 9 sprigs of bush rose, 6 units of thin captain (makaron from an almond flour), dekor

Size: a small box 28 sm x 19 sm x 9 see

Presence: to order a day in a day, 4 hours prior to delivery

The raisin of this composition is a stylish box which is easily opened, and in a middle remarkable and delicious surprise at the same time. A rectangular box in stylish registration will do Your holiday unforgettable. The decoration of box is fragrant Italian makaruni from a select almond flour, the tender flowers of bush rose have the saturated peachy color, that quiveringly made professionals. This box is not ordinary, and extraordinarily original, as it a new product is created exactly our company from delivery of flowers and gifts.

Ordering for sweet one or native man, in a gift a colleague or chief, friend or mother, you order, above all things style, refinement and wow-effect. Smile on face yet long will make happy Your Recipient. Guarantee freshness and speed of creation of composition.