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Category: roses

Filter: white roses, bush pink roses

Composition: 21 white roses, 10 sprigs of bush pink rose, packing

Size: a height 60 sm

Presence: to order a day in a day, 3 hours prior to delivery

Explosive miks is in combination of white rose with a pink bush rose. Tender combination  of colors will be brought by a surprise as to the customer so to the recipient. Talk confidently, in fact a bouquet of ‘’Nizhniy’’ is top of sales already many years.

Remarkably befits under be what events: to the favourite man, girl, for the utterance of liking, to the mother in a birthday or to give other, and also simply week-days!!!!

Roses in such combination extraordinarily harmoniously look and add the bouquet of weightlessness. Combination white and pink, greater one-headed roses with many by a shallow bush. Such saturated and at the same time easy, as if air.

A bouquet simply will make impression and will bring satisfaction from a surprise.

Order and you will not feel sorry about a choice always actual a gift whether pleasant surprise!

This bouquet can be less or greater, also we do such composition in a hat box.