Delivery of flowers – delivery of flowers and gifts, which guarantees timely transmissionin a good mood and your feelings to the addressee.
Shipping cost:
• in Chernivtsi (except Grove and Sadgora) – 100 UAH.
• Grove and Sadgora – 100 UAH.
• in Chernivtsi and neighboring regions – 8 UAH. 1 km + 100 UAH. (For example, Snyatyn 35 km, Delivery cost = (35 * 8) + 100 = 380 UAH.
Delivery in Chernivtsi from 2 hours.
In order to guarantee the delivery of the gift at a convenient time for the Recipient, it is advisable to include the recipient’s contact number in the questionnaire and the “Call Recipient” checkbox.
In the absence of information about the recipient’s phone number, or the check box “not required, deliver at the specified time” – the gift and the bouquet will be delivered to the specified address at the specified time.